How to Create Instagram Stories like a Pro in 2021

Instagram stories let video content creators to display their activities, photos/snapshots and creations and showcase them to their followers. Brands utilize stories as an incredible way to connect & drive their target audience. Stories indirectly boost your reach & engagement in innovative conduct. Creating Stories is very easy and exciting.Let’s explore!

How to Create Instagram Stories like a Pro in 2021?

What are Instagram stories?

What are Instagram stories?

IG Stories lets usersupload photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.They were launched in August 2016, and as per IG Business blog, now more than 500 million Instagrammers leverage stories as a daily engagement trigger.

Clearly, this IG feature has turned out to be a goldmine for sparking engagement. Many Instagrammers choose to buy Instagram followers to boost engagement on stories

In this blog, we will tell you, how to get started and post your first story to progressive strategies for creating stories.Let us first discuss, why these are important!

Why Instagrammers should use Instagram stories?

Why Instagrammers should use Instagram stories?
  • According to IG Business blog, 58% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories.
  • Theyempower you with an opportunity to post a cluster of photos that perform like a slideshow.
  • 24. 50% of people have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service in Stories, as per data by Instagram Business blog, therefore, purchase intent is one of the best outcomes you can get from your social media marketing strategies &efforts.
  • As per Digiday, 68% of users who are millennials watch Stories through the platform, compared to 49% on Snapchat.
  • IG through its business blog has stated, 33% of the most viewed stories on Instagram are created by businesses.
  • Over 500 million accounts on Instagram are viewing Stories daily, as per Instagram Business blog.
  • eMarketer says 55.4% of Instagram influencers use Stories for sponsored campaigns.

How to make Instagram story?

How to make Instagram story?

Step 1- Login in to IG, and tap the camera icon in the upper left-hand corner of your phone or divulge the story camera by merely swiping left.

Step 2- You can upload a photo or video you've previously captured by swiping up on your screen to browse your gallery or choose camera lens to capture a photo/video in the App itself.

Step 3- Choose from different options- Live, Boomerang, Superzoom, Focus, rewind, stop motion or Hands-free.

1. Live

If you clasp your screen to the "Live" option, you'll start capturing and broadcasting live on InstagramLike Facebook Live, friends can follow sideways and give comments, and when you're done with the recording, you'll have the option to delete the video, save it, or share it Stories for a supplementary 24 hours.

2. Normal

Hitting the circle once will capture a photo, and holding it will record a video. Stories can be 15 seconds in length, so if you want to share a video that's longer, film in 15-second period, or use CutStoryto join your 15-second segments.

3. Boomerang

Boomerang feature from IG makes videos fun & unexpected. You can create mini videos as stories that loop back & forth.Boomerang mode shoots looping GIFs up to three seconds in length. You can create video loop tapping into the infinity symbol and apply any sticker & filter to it!

4. Superzoom

The superzoom feature in stories allows you to include different effects to your shots because the camera automatically zooms in your target image. You can choose different effects such as ‘hearts’ and ‘beats.

5. Rewind

You can use the rewind lens to film a video in reverse.

6. Stop Motion

Use this lens to shoot several different still images interlaced together in one seamless video. Using stop motion tool, you can take a series of photos, which IG will automatically compress into a video for you.

7. Hands-Free

You can also use hands-free mode if you want to set up your camera to film a video for you. Just let it stand somewhere stable before you start recording.

Step 4- After editing your photos or video, tap " Add Your Story button " or hit "Next" to share it as yourStory. You can also save your edited photo or footage to your phone gallery by tapping "Save" in the lower left corner. Bravo! You have just created an IG story!

Step 5- If you click the Arrow icon, you can capture your image/footage to one of your friends as well as your Story. Just tick the bubble along Your Story and the friend you want to share with. Your story will disappear as soon as your friend perceives it.

The photos and video you chose for your Story will now be a series that people can swipe through for 24 hours. A colourful circle will appear around your profile photo to let your followers know you have a Story for them to view and your profile picture will also pop up at the top of your followers' Feeds. They just need to tap on your profile picture to see your Story.

Stay tuned to know,how to create Instagram stories with all major aspects in detail.

Stay tuned to know,how to create Instagram stories with all major aspects in detail.

Where do Instagram stories appear and how to use them?

Stories appear in a bar at the top of your feed that is at top of your screen when you're on the mobile app. Because they're often the first pieces of content users see when they open the app, these can get a load of engagement and help you advertise your regular IG photo gallery to more users. All users are able to share stories, from your IG friends to your favourite prevalent celebrities/influencers. Whenever they add a new story, their profile photo will have a colourful ring revolving around it.

This IG feature must be leveraged to drive target audience, trigger & fuel engagement and reach your target goal-value preposition. IGhas 500 million monthly usersposting 1 billion Stories every day. And about 62% of those people say they’ve become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in their Stories, as per Instagram Business blog.

IG Stories have contributed in thesuccess of brands like Teen Vogue, Insider, and Bustle

How Instagram Stories Work?

How Instagram Stories Work?

Stories allow you to capture moments and paly with video.

They are a quick, easy and efficient way to share creativities, moments and experiences. You can use text, music, stickers and GIFs to blossom your story with all the goodness.

Stories allow to reach more wider target audience.

They are a great way to attract traffic on your account.

Stories are fun to make

With the best camera effects available in the app, you can make any moment more enjoyable with tools like Boomerang and superzoom.

Stories are a conversation starter

You can interact with your friends using stories by adding question sticker and other interactive features to share and get feedback from friends.

Stories represent your highlights

You can pin your favourite moments to your profile and share your stories for more than 24 hours by posting them as highlights on your profile.

Stories let you add multiple photos all at one time

Now let us understand, how to add multi photos in Instagram story?

Head to the icon of the stack of photos in the upper right-hand corner. Just tap it and then tap on the photos you want to add. You can select 10 photos at a time. To edit each photo, go to the Edit screen and tap the photo you want to edit. You can jazz each photo up ordinarily.

Stories can be removed

Tap on the three dots at the bottom right of the photo or video you'd like to delete, hit Delete and then confirm.

No likes/comments

Unlike regular posts, there are no likes or public comments.

Note-Instagram Stories are not available for viewing on the desktop site.

You can add longer IG stories

Notwithstanding IG Stories' 15-second runtime limit, you can play longer videos in your Story. Unambiguously, you can split a video that's longer than 15 seconds into 15-second segments and add each instalment to your Story so they play sequentially. You can use these mobile apps that can help you make it happen:

  • Continual (iOS only)
  • Storeo (iOS only)
  • Story Cutter(iOS & Android)

How to View Instagram Stories

How to View Instagram Stories

To view someone’s story, you simply need to tap on their profile photo, and their story will appear in the full-screen mode, showing you all of the content, they’ve uploaded in the last 24hrs, playing in sequential order from oldest to newest.

According to data from Sensor Tower, Instagram was among the top five most-downloaded apps in both the App Store and via Google Play last year. The app scored 13 million downloads in Q2 2020 alone

After viewing a story, you can tap to go back and forward or jab to jump to another person’s story.

Now let us explore some major aspects of Instagram stories

 Now let us explore some major aspects of Instagram stories

How to add link to Story?

Adding links to your Stories is a great strategy to increase your conversions, boost organic engagement and make it easier for your followers to explore the content you want to share. You can easily learn here, how to add swipe-up link in Instagram story?

To add a link to your IG Story for people to “swipe up”

  1. Open app and tap the camera icon at the top left of your screen.
  2. Capture a photo or video in the app or choose from your phone gallery.
  3. Tap the link icon in the uppercentral of your screen.
  4. Paste your link
  5. If you’re using an iOS device, tap Done. If you’re using an Android, tap on the green check.

How to make Instagram filters?

At its F8 Conference in May 2019, Facebook announced that anyone can build custom AR filters using its Spark AR Studio platform

Step 1: Download Spark AR Studio.
Step 2:Select the type of AR filter and add effect you’d like to create.
Step 3: Test Your New Effect.
Step 4: Publish Your Effect.

Bravo! You just added filters to your story!

How to make collage on Instagram?

You can use PicMonkey Collage, which gives you easy drag-and-drop photo management, and super flexible cell-resizing if you want to make a photo grid Instagram Story collage

  1. Pick the collage size and layout.
  2. Add gallery photos or upload your own
  3. Include text to your collage
  4. Choose an IG-sized collage design in Templates
  5. Replace images in the template
  6. Add your own text.

How to add music into Instagram story?

Just tap the camera button or the 'Your Story' icon to begin. Capture your photo or shoot your video, and add filters. Tap the 'Sticker' icon at the top of the screen, then tap 'Music’

Instagram Stories-key features

  • Their format ties the last 24 hours of 15-second-max photos and videos you’ve shared into a presentation you can tap to fast-forward through
  • They disappear after 1 day
  • You ornament your photos with drawings, text, emojis, boomerang, slow motion tool and attractive colour filters.
  • You can save your individual Story slideshow before or after posting them
  • Your followers willingly tap in to view your Story, instead of it being published into a single feed.
  • Viewers can swipe up to reply to your Stories, which are carried through Direct private messages
  • You can easily see who’s viewed your Story
  • They appear in a horizontal row at the top of the main feed, and are organized by who you interact with most.
  • Your friends who follow you on IG can see your Stories, but you can also block any user.
  • You don’t need to be following someone to view their Stories, which can be viewed from their profile as long as they’re public
  • Instagram propositions three brush types for drawing: standard, translucent highlighter and colour-outlined neon.
  • IG propositions custom colour control for drawing with an easy picker, and pre-made palettes like grayscale.

I hope you understood well how to create Instagram story.

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