Instagram Bio Ideas: 9 Tips to Craft the Perfect Instagram Bio

Instagram Bio is your digital business card, explaining who you are, what you do, what are you provide to your target audience. The first thing that users see when they land on your IG profile is the Instagram Bio, hence, it’s the first impression of your handle’s image / personality and you never get second chance to make “First impression”, so make it super professional, strong and engaging!

Instagram bio ideas

Bio is crucial for your IG handle, as it allows your prospects to find you and your offering in terms of service / product. It definitely allows you to attract new followers which is an avenue to drive traffic and convert them into clients. Furthermore, it is your chance to put your brand’s unique selling proposition in the lime light. Many Instagrammers even buy Instagram followers that are genuine users in order to appear more popular in their niche.

Writing the perfect bio is more of a science than a creative stunt, consisting of 9 elements, with each element adding more value to your digital presence.

Let’s start!

How can I create the perfect Instagram Bio?

Name and Username

Name and Username are two different things on IG. They empower Instagrammers with two different ways to increase searchability and discoverability of your IG handle. Creators should utilize the power of these branding on Instagram. Firstly, find out your main keyword pertaining to your brand or product / service – this becomes your focus keyword. Use this keyword in your username and its variant as your name. It helps you establish an authority and provides legitimacy to your brand.

Instagram Name and Username

For instance, if you are a wedding photographer, you can set your username, i.e., @IGhandle, as “Wedding Photographer” and go on to play with it, be creative. This way your chances in appearing in someone’s search results improve drastically. This also helps user to know in an instant that you are a wedding photographer.

IG allows 30 characters (including spaces), for crafting your username, which may only include letters, numbers, underscores, and periods.

You could do the same when it comes to your Name – instead of using your actual name, add your keyword to it. For instance, if your name is Matt, your Name could be “Matt the Wedding Photographer”. By following this practice of creating a perfect Instagram bio business, you can appear in the searches by your name as well as your username!

Profile Picture

Your profile picture acts like a visual identity of your brand on social media platforms. Thus, it needs to be consistent across all of your social media handles, including your Instagram business bio, so that your target audience could recognize you instantaneously. If you are a company, then the best choice of profile picture for your IG handle would be the logo of the company, or maybe a shortened version of the same.

Instagram Profile picture

On the other hand, if you are a mentor or a blogger, then I suggest you to use a high- resolution headshot of yourself as profile picture. This will help you to give a human touch to your brand and help your audience connect to you more.

Whatever you choose as your Profile Picture, make sure the background steals less space, allowing the user to truly focus on the main object of the picture. Moreover, IG profile pictures appear in a circle. Thus, you have to make sure your critical elements don’t get cropped out. The ideal specs for a profile picture are considered to be 320 x 320 pixels or higher.

The Description

The time for you to show you quirkiness and humor has finally come! It’s time to write the description for your Bio. However, you have to be clever as well, as this is the place where you tell your audience about yourself and your brand and you have only 150 characters to do so, making it sacred land.

Description in Instagram bio

The best way to go about this is to display the brand personality, as personality is something people connect with instantaneously. Also, be sure to use a blend of special fonts, special characters and emojis to demonstrate your brand personality. Thus, the description is the most important step of writing the Instagram bio.

No matter which road you choose to go down in your description, make sure it is alluring to your target segment as well as current audience. For instance, if you are a café that has an exclusive Vegan menu, mention it in your bio as it grabs user’s attention. This would be your unique selling proposition, what sets you apart from other cafes.

IG allows users to share a link in their bios. It could be a link to your website, YouTube channel or even blog page. It is great way to drive more traffic towards other platforms where your brand has a digital presence.

Website link in Instagram bio

For instance, if you are a fashion blogger with a YouTube channel as well, you can share the link to your Fashion YouTube channel in website section. This will allow your audience to connect with you on YouTube as well.

Moreover, if you are a brand, you can use this section to promote your latest release, leveraging the bio to draw attention to this. However, make sure whatever link you decide to share, you do so in the website URL space, as this is the only way it becomes a clickable link. One last thing to keep in mind before you jump to the next section, is that make sure the link is customized, making it sound and look more professional.

Add a Category

The next step in this list for Instagram bio ideas is – Category. IG allows the business accounts to add a category in their IG handle. This allows any visitor to understand in a glance, under which niche a profile falls.

Category in Instagram bio

This also helps users to save space in the description, as they do not have to repeat this bit of information again. Whatever category you choose, appears under the name on your IG handle. However, if your IG business account is connected to a Facebook page, your Instagram handle will automatically show the same category as chosen on the Facebook page.

Add Call-to-Action

Your IG Bio is the perfect place to add a CTA and encourage your audience to take an action. This could be something as simple as encouraging to visit your website or encouraging them to try our latest product or a course.

Call to action in Instagram bio

Moreover, if you are a physical store, you can encourage users to visit the store, or share the latest discounts & offers going on in your store. If you don’t have a physical store, you can encourage users to visit your IG shop. You can even encourage users to sign up for your newsletter, or invite them to listen to your podcast. Enable call to action buttons provided by IG if you need to free up some space from your bio, making it easier even for users to perform the action you are prompting.

Contact Information

Sharing the contact information of your brand in the Instagram bio is very crucial as it helps your potential buyers / clients reach easily and connect with you, as DM is a very unreliable source of communication when it comes to business accounts.

 Contact information in Instagram bio

With the help of emojis, you can both save space and also share your contact information such as email, contact number and physical location, efficiently.

Users can include hashtags in their IG bios, which are clickable for other users. Thus, it is a great place for brands to share their branded hashtags and also, encourage their customers as well, to use the branded hashtags in their posts, creating the perfect Instagram bio.

 Instagram hashtags

By doing so, it becomes very easy for brands to collect and analyze the user generated content and understand the major sentiment their customers hold towards the brand and their products / services.

Add Story Highlights

Add Story Highlights

Users can add stories as highlights that appear right under the description in the bio. These highlights act like a good entry point for a new visitor into your profile, what your brand is about.

I suggest you to share your news about the new products & services, collaborations, Question & Answers from customers, Customer Testimonials, etc. If you yourself are the brand such as a life coach or an educator, you can share your highlights from your sessions, upcoming events and more in the story highlights on your IG handle.

Thus, writing the perfect Instagram Bio is a blend of these 9 elements, each one just as important. I hope you found this as a helpful guide to writing the most impressive IG Bio.

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