Top 8 Influencer Marketing Agencies In India of March 2023

We live in a digital world that is becoming increasingly saturated daily. This makes it increasingly difficult for brands to compete and stay relevant in the marketplace. What's the solution, you ask? - Well, it's influencer marketing, of course. The seamless marketing approach has been making headlines because it leverages the power of influencers, who are modern day celebrities, to promote a brand's products and services. In India especially, the influencer marketing landscape continues to grow and evolve, placing enormous demands on customized influencer marketing strategies.

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According to Statista, the influencer marketing industry in India is valued at over 12 billion Indian rupees in 2023. It is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25% over the next 5 years, while leading to 28 billion Indian rupees by 2026 only. In 2022 alone approximately, 55 million urban Indians were direct consumers for social media influencers of numerous kinds and scale of businesses & brands. Influencer Marketing company is a definite choice for your brand for promoting your product/service as it will be easier for you to leverage their relationships with the creators and years of experience in the industry.

The growing number of agencies for influencer marketing brings challenges to finding the best one. Differentiating the genuine ones cultivating incredible ROI for brands from the ones who are just attacking on the pockets, and playing with brands’ reputation.

These best influencer marketing agencies have emerged as the best from the rest in the influencer marketing industry to grow your brand.

Our team of experts, influencer specialists, digital marketers and content strategists decided to scale work samples of numerous leading influencer marketing agencies in India 2023. We have researched and compiled a list of India's top influencer marketing agencies to guide you in selecting your ideal influencer marketing agency.

List Of 8 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies in India (2023)


Another top contender on our list is Grynsta. The agency has been serving its client's needs for a long time. Through consistent efforts, Grynsta has rightfully earned its place as one of India's top influencer marketing companies in 2023.

Grynsta comes with a complete package of influencer marketing services like influencer identification, outreach and negotiations, content creation, influencer relationship management, target audience assessment, promotional plans, etc., for brand or individual clients. Grynsta's attention to detail and pursuit of excellence has made the agency attractive for businesses that seek the right individuals to achieve their objectives within their respective industries. Grynsta provides every type of influencer marketing approach and services on key platforms; YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, everywhere. You can also enjoy services like; User generated content, meme marketing, celebrity endorsement, cluster of micro influencers for campaigns, state or regional influencers, international influencers and more!


Vidzy, the leading influencer marketing company, utilizes its extensive network of influencers in creating, productive & effective influencer marketing campaigns for product demonstrations, persuading your target markets, building brand reputation, boosting sales and addressing customers' pain points. The influencer marketing services you get from this premium company include, user-generated content creation, social commerce, influencer videos, testimonials, explainer videos etc. Vidzy has been in operation for 6 + years, and throughout this time, they have worked with 1,00,000 + content creators and have delivered over 10,000 videos to 300+ clients. Vidzy helps you leverage the power of influencers to attract customers and establish a strong presence online.


First up, we have the leading influencer marketing agency in India, awarded for the badge by Economic Times, for collaboration with Oneplus - Grynow. With 6+ years of experience, the company has spread and grown into multiple verticals like finance, food and beverages, fashion, beauty, lifestyle entertainment, music and many others. The years have given Grynow a team of experts who provide cutting-edge, affordable and reliable influencer marketing services by utilizing intelligent technology platforms to track, manage, coordinate campaigns and report on their performance.

That's not all. The agency also helps you with customized, hyper-focused and data-driven influencer marketing strategies and solutions. The market leaders help you build and strengthen relationships with the influencer and its audiences by coupling user-generated content, social commerce technology, trend analysis and influencer relationship management system which is operative and quantifiable. Moreover, they help you make informed investment decisions by cross-examining post engagements on different social media platforms - thereby identifying top performers and ideal promotional channels for the long haul.

From finding the right influencers and completing campaign planning and management to identifying the right combination of content and influencers - you get the best services an Influencer marketing agency can offer.


When discussing the top agencies for influencer marketing, we would do a great disservice to our readers by not talking about IM photo editors. The company is one of the premium agencies in India with a network of 2,00,000 + influencers from every niche. Furthermore, with a successful working track record of 7+ years, IM photo editor is armed with valuable experience from thousands of successful campaign stories.

IM photo editor offers services like campaign management, strategy planning, content creation and influencer marketing for your brand, products and services. They have experienced teams who aim to increase exposure for your business through channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Working with them on extended campaigns assures you quality leads, sales, engagement and conversions at low cost.


Next is IGYGROW, another major influencer marketing agency from India helping businesses build a solid online presence through detailed analytics, performance reports and calculated suggestions. They don't just stop there. Igygrow's team of experts analyzes their clients' established online presence to provide more actionable insights on how to take it even further. The influencer marketing agency in India is known for showing a brand's best performance parameters and highlighting areas for improvement. With vast experience, Igygrow can help you build your brand faster and more effectively than any other company.

Igygrow's influencer marketing services include connecting your business to relevant influencers in your industry depending on content quality, past collaborations, fake followers’ assessment, target audience, etc., and determining which key networks should be prioritized depending on the type of content they produce.


Videase is an influencer marketing agency of experienced professionals also specializing in video marketing. They work with your team to understand your goals, objectives and needs and design campaigns accordingly. The influencer strategies they create are geared to your goals. The company's services include influencer outreach, campaign management, content creation, influencer relationship management and campaign monitoring.

Furthermore, Videase has a strong network of influencers from India which they can tap into at any time to target the right people on multiple channels.


Videaze is another top influencer marketing agency in India on our list that creates campaigns that deliver highest ROI using the top influencers in the industry. They have experts who ideate and execute engaging, and impactful influencer marketing strategies with subject matter experts to deliver the brand's message to intended audiences.

The clients of this influencer marketing company applaud them for their creative and innovative concepts, attention to detail, communication skills, time management and ability to adapt to changing environments and situations. Furthermore, Videaze is fully equipped to handle the complete video production process. The team utilizes the best practices and is equipped to handle the latest tools and technologies for compelling influencer-powered video content.

UGC Agency

UGC agency has worked with the biggest brands in India and boasts a successful track record of delivering on their promised results. The company leverages word of mouth potential of relevant influencers from your industry to launch, manage and optimize influencer marketing campaigns with bespoke strategies that resonate with your target audience. As a result, UGC Agency helps generate authenticity for your business and develop relationships with your customers through real people.

The company has a strong team of experienced professionals who are masters of digital marketing, social media management, content creation & distribution, influencer identification/outreach, campaign management, reporting and analysis. The agency has demonstrated its ability to generate high-quality leads, sales and conversions for its clients on countless occasions.

These agencies are in our top list because they have given us excellent results. However, if you want to find your influencer marketing experts from scratch, then our next section can help you.

Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing An Influencer Marketing Agency?

With technology making so many strides, finding an Influencer marketing agency is relatively easy. However, what is not is asking the right questions before you pick one.

Experience of the Influencer Marketing Agency?

This is the most important question that takes the maximum priority. This question gives you a perspective on the agency's ability to handle influencer marketing in India. While at it, ask for some case studies from past client projects.

How Does The Influencer Marketing Company Identify And Evaluate Influencers?

Influencers are the center of everything. It would be best to work with individuals who understand your business, product and industry and can meet your brand standards. That said, your agency should follow the proper procedures to identify and vet influencers for your business.

What KPIs Does The Influencer Marketing Agency Track?

The answer to this question should be metrics that complement your goals from the campaign. For instance, if your goal is brand awareness, then the agency-defined KPI would be total impressions or gain in the number of followers.

How Do The Agency Approach Content Creation And Campaign Management?

This question coincides with how an agency finds influencers - which leads to utilizing selected influences to create content that aligns with your brand and campaign goals. An agency should be able to identify the types of content the influencers will produce for your campaign. Then there is campaign management which involves planning a timeline, assigning responsibilities, scheduling activities, approving drafts and tracking progress.

Can The Influencer Marketing Experts Optimize Your Campaign?

Remember the KPIs that an agency should be able to determine after understanding your goals and objectives. An agency should also be able to track them and optimize your campaign in real time based on the results.

What Is The Company's Pricing Structure?

The agencies mentioned in our articles set transparent pricing for their packages and list all the services you will get from the purchase. However, some agencies charge additional fees or expenses as the campaign progresses. Hence, it will be best to understand your selected agency's pricing structure and how they charge for their services - beforehand.

Can The Influencer Marketing Agency Provide References Or Client Testimonials?

Asking the agency for client references or testimonials is a great way to get valuable feedback from people who have received the agency's services. This can also tell you about the company's reputation in the marketplace.

To sum up

Influencer marketing is a tried and tested way to generate brand awareness, Leads and sales for your brand. However, with so many different influencer marketing agencies coming up over the years, it can be hard to know which works best for your goals. Undoubtedly, our article can help you get a start in the right direction in your search.

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