Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, absolutely. Our services are 100% safe for your Instagram handle. Our Instagram services will not bring harm to your account in any way as we use completely organic methods such as SEO, SMO, promotion through bloggers, etc., to deliver our services. At Grow Real Followers, we take pride in our world class services.

Instagram is booming, and businesses are taking advantage in this day and age. Building a digital presence on the platform of Instagram is more a necessity than a luxury for brands today. With our high quality services, we Help you grow on Instagram and establish an authority within your niche, enabling you to gain potential leads.

Not at all. We do not require access into your Instagram handle at any time during the course of our process. We only require and ask your Instagram handle username in order to identify correctly which Instagram handle belongs to you and subsequently, know where to deliver our services to.

Absolutely not. You will not get banned from Instagram during or after purchasing our quality services. At Grow Real Followers, we provide world class services, aimed at helping you grow on Instagram. We conduct our processes in the safest manner possible using purely organic methods such as SEO, SMO, promotion through social media influencers, etc.

At Grow Real Followers, we provide high-quality Instagram services, hence, it is highly unlikely for followers / likes / comments to decrease over time. However, this may be the case if you are not creating content your audience wishes to consume, in which scenario, we recommend you to create content of utmost quality, and engage with your audience.

The time required to complete your order of our Instagram services depends on the size of your order. The duration to complete your order may vary from 10 to 50 days. Our process takes more time as we deliver our Instagram services through purely organic methods such as promotion through bloggers, influencers, search engine optimization, etc.

No, we require you to keep your Instagram handle on “Public”, as we need to be able to access your posts / videos to deliver our services of likes, comments as well as followers. Thus, we require you to set your profile to “Public” during the course of the order competition.

After we complete your order of our Instagram services on your handle, it is possible that some of these may drop off due to thin or low-quality content on your handle. Thus, we recommend you to keep making quality content, keep regularly posting and keep your audience engaged. These practices will ensure maximum retention of your purchased services.

With our top-shelf Instagram services, you appear more popular on the platform and this adds to your credibility as well as help you establish within your niche. Moreover, with our premium services, the organic engagement on your Instagram handle increases, leading to a boost in your reach on the platform.

Absolutely not, we do not provide software generated bots as fake followers / likes / comments in our Instagram services. At Grow Real Followers, we complete your orders with the help of 100% organic methods and mechanisms including search engine optimization, promotion through influencers and bloggers, social media optimization, etc.