How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2021

How to get verified on Instagram

You've come to the correct spot if you're wondering how to get verified on Instagram as it is a platform that can work to your advantage owing to its over 1 billion monthly users. We'll show you how to register for Instagram verification (the simple part) and give you some pointers to help you qualify (the difficult part).

What Does it Imply to Get Your Instagram Profile Verified?

How to get Instagram profile verified

Instagram verification refers to the procedure of proving that your profile is the legit representation of a famous personality or celebrity or company present worldwide.

You've undoubtedly seen a lot of verification badges. The tiny blue checkmarks, like those on Facebook, Twitter, and, yes, Tinder, are supposed to signal that the site has verified that the account in the picture is trustworthy, or at least who they claim they are. The purpose of these badges is to make genuine accounts stand out so that Instagram users can be confident they're following the proper person or company. They're simple to find in search results and on accounts, and they provide the impression of authority.

It's simple to understand how verification badges have become a status symbol. They're uncommon, and rarity confers a certain level of status as there are over 500 million active accounts or users on Instagram, which may or may not translate into increased interaction.

However, IG makes it clear that verified accounts (as well as corporate accounts) do not receive preferential consideration from the Instagram algorithm. To put it another way, if verified accounts do get more engagement on average, it's because they're producing fantastic material that connects with their followers.

Who is Qualified to be Verified on Instagram?

Instagram verified profile

Anyone may apply to get their IG account verified. Instagram, on the other hand, is renowned for being fussy (and in many ways secretive) about who gets verified. So, if you're managing an account that's on the verge of being "notable," how do you know if you've met the requirements?

It's not a certainty that just because you have a blue tick on Twitter or Facebook, you'll receive one on Instagram. Only a few prominent personalities, celebrities, and companies have verified badges on Instagram, according to Instagram. To put it another way, "only profiles with a high risk of being impersonated."

What we do know regarding eligibility is as follows.

You must first comply with the network's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Furthermore, each of the following conditions must be met by your account:

  •   Are you a genuine person, a registered corporation, or a well-known brand? You can't be a meme page or a fan account at the same time.
  • Just one account per person or company can be verified on Instagram, except for language-specific accounts.
  • Hidden profiles are not eligible for verification since they are not public.
  • Have you created a comprehensive IG bio, uploaded a profile photo, and made at least one post?
  • Significant: This is where things become a little subjective, although Instagram defines a notable name as one that is both "well-known" and "highly searched or regarded."

If you're quite certain you satisfy these requirements, or if you just want to take a chance, go ahead and verify your IG account.

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How to Get Verified on Instagram in 6 Easy Steps

Ways to get verified on Instagram

It's pretty simple to get verified on Instagram:

  • To access your profile, go to the top right corner of your screen and press the hamburger icon.
  • Select Settings from the menu bar.
  • Account should be selected.
  •   Request Verification by tapping the button.
  • Fill out the application form completely.
    1. Your full legal name
    2. Your "nickname" or "working name" (if applicable)
    3. Choose your industry or sector (for example, blogger/influencer, business/brand/organization, and so on). A picture of your valid government ID is also required. It might be a driver's license or a passport for persons. For businesses, a bill of utility, articles of incorporation, or tax returns will suffice.
  • Press the Send button.

As per Instagram, you'll get a response on your notifications page once their staff examines your application. Instagram has made it plain that they will never email you, beg for money, or contact you in any other way due to past and current concerns with fraudsters. You'll get a direct yes or no in a few days or a week.

Tips on How to Get Verified on Instagram

So, sure, anyone may apply for IG verification. However, getting authorized is a far more difficult task.

We've gathered all of the finest practices that will increase your chances of success as you continue your journey to establish your brand's legitimacy.

1. Do Not Attempt to Purchase a Verification Badge

Instagram verified profile

Let's start with this one: that man in your comments who claims his pal works for Instagram? Please do not hand over any cash to him.

The same may be said about any third-party app or account that claims to give "complete reimbursements."

The same applies to a profile that DMs you to offer you your badge for sale since they "don't need it anymore."

Instagram fraudsters are well aware that people and companies have strong feelings about the blue checkmark, and some are quite good at making themselves look legitimate, so be cautious. Also, keep in mind that IG will never ask for cash or contact you.

2. Get More People to Follow You

  Instagram followers

Look, we don't have the figures, but it sometimes feels like you need a ludicrous number of followers to be verified. There's no proof that this is a true rule, but it can't harm, right? Is it feasible, for example, that association does not imply causation? 

It’s more probable that when people or companies become more well-known on and off Instagram, their follower counts will increase as well. If you want to take a chance and play both sides of the coin—chicken, and egg — you can. You can easily buy legit Instagram followers along with other services from reputed sites like who indulge in organic practices to increase your engagement.

3. Remove Any Links in Your Bio That Are Cross-Platform

Instagram bio tips

Instagram demands that verified accounts can't include so-called "add me" links to several other social networking platforms on their profiles, which some could term petty (we wouldn't dare). You can connect to your website, landing pages, or other internet properties, but not to your YouTube or Twitter accounts.

If your Facebook profile has a blue checkmark but your IG profile does not, Instagram encourages you to connect to your Instagram profile from your Facebook page to assist establish your legitimacy.

4. Be Highly Sought After

Instagram profile verification 2021

Making it huge on Explore Page can have a direct impact on your interaction and follower number. It's all about natural, spontaneous findings on social media which is exactly the purpose of an explore page.

When it comes to verification, though, Instagram wants to know if people care about you enough to take a break from the intimacies of the feed and put your name into the search field on the spur of the moment.

Although IG does not publish statistics on this, we're certain that the team for verification has privy to it and will track how often users search for you. This leads us to the following point.

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5. When Your Name is in the News, You Should Apply

Instagram account verification tips

Has your company been mentioned in several news outlets? Is it possible that a current press release or white paper has been picked up? Have you been featured in a big international newspaper or have a sound bite? Paid or promotional content is not acceptable.

If public relations have not been a focus for your company thus far, showing how "notable" you are maybe more challenging. Especially because there's nowhere to deliver your evidence: Instagram does its study, so it's up to you to make sure your story is prominently shown.

How to Keep Your Instagram Account Verified

How to keep your Instagram account verified

How do you maintain your badge once you've earned it? It's rather straightforward. Even when you're no longer performing the activity that made you "notable," IG verification appears to be given indefinitely. However, there are some hard and fast laws to follow.

1. Keep Your Account Open to the Public

To apply for verification, you'll need a public, unlocked account. You'll also need one to stay verified.

2. Stick to the Guidelines

Any account that violates Instagram's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines will be deactivated or removed, but tremendous power comes with great responsibility. Verified accounts are not exempt from being ethical, genuine, or upstanding members of the community.

3. Verification is Only the Beginning

You need to fulfill the absolute minimum of action to keep your verification badge: a profile picture and one post. We don't recommend moving much lower. We highly urge you to go above and above.

Make use of your new blue authority seal, perfect your approach, and start creating interesting material for your followers. The checkmark isn't the only thing that makes or breaks a brand. Convert this information into actions and take authority on Instagram.

So, when are you planning to get verified on Instagram?

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