Instagram Livestream: A Step-by-Step Guide to Go Live on IG

Instagram Live

Have you been getting notifications on Instagram that people are "Going Live," but you have no clue how to use it? You came in to check what was going on and saw a massive party in progress. It's only natural that you've begun to question if you're losing out by not taking advantage of it.

Instagram Live stream is similar to the Instagram stories that appear at the top of your feed, except it is filmed and streamed in real time.

These live stories will appear at the very top of your IG feed's story circle symbols to let you know that a company or individual is now live, and Instagrammers may follow along in real time.

This helps in developing a bond with your followers, humanizing your brand through showing a face behind the brand and increasing the visibility of your profile leading to growth of the channel as over 500 million people use the feature of Instagram stories on a daily basis-. If you want to kick start your business on Instagram, you can buy Instagram followers as well.

How to Go Live on Instagram

How to Go Live on Instagram

It's easy to go live on Instagram. To begin, you'll need an IG account as well as a phone, as many IG features are only available on mobile.

Step 1- Tap the plus icon on the right side of the screen

Step 2- Swipe to live and tap on it

Tips for Going Live on IG:

Tips for Going Live on IG
  • If you're making a major announcement, don't provide all the facts immediately. Allow the number of viewers to grow on your Instagram live video. While you're waiting, make small conversation and give an outline of what you'll be discussing.
  • Engage with your viewers in the comments box and react to their queries. If at all feasible, give shout-outs (to get ahead of the game even after 1.074 billion users of Instagram worldwide-, buy Instagram comments
  • Invest in a nice tripod if you want to do more than chat and require a complete set of hands. It's simple to locate an affordable tripod for a mobile device because they're all over the place. Is there no tripod? Place your phone or tablet on the table between the books. Don't be afraid to become inventive; you don't have to spend a lot of money.
  • Do you want to be free of distractions? Commenting should be disabled.

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How to Go Live with Someone on Instagram?

How to Go Live with Someone on Instagram

IG launched Live Rooms in March 2021, a new feature which enables users to go live with up to three other people. Previously, the "Add a guest" option could only be used to co-host broadcasts with one other person. Users or advertisers may be a little more creative with their streams with Live Rooms. More speakers can help your audience have a more engaged experience, contributing a spike in Instagram engagement rate, such as:

  • Live games
  • Creative workshops
  • Influencer Q&As, and more are all available!

These are just a few concepts that can be implemented using Live Rooms, but the sky is the limit (well, four people is the limit. However, you can sense our passion)

To Start a Live Room:

  • Follow the same procedures as you would for a conventional Instagram live stream.
  • After you've gone live, go to the Rooms button and choose your guests:
  • After that, press Invite and you're good to go!

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How to Create Engaging Content for your Instagram Live Stream?

Be Professional and Genuine

Be Professional and Genuine

The most important rule of Instagram Live stream is to be as sincere and honest as possible. What exactly do I mean? This isn't the moment to read from a script or act like a salesperson; instead, they want to see you in person because they want to meet a real person. People need genuine, honest human contact, even if it has to be received through their iPhone screen, especially in times like today when we're socially distant. So, how can you present your audience with your most genuine self?

  1. Do not be afraid of being vulnerable.
  2. Allow yourself to express feelings.
  3. Communicate as though you were speaking with a pleasant coworker.

Plan Ahead of Time

Plan Ahead of Time

While it may be tempting to simply go on Instagram Live stream and tell your followers how great your company is, this may not go as well as you had hoped. Although IG Live video has a more relaxed, less pre-planned air, those that do it successfully plan out their live sessions ahead of time and establish clear goals.

Your format must be scheduled or well planned in addition to having objectives in place. Is your webcast, for example, going to include a Q&A session? Maybe a product launch or some “behind the scenes” footage? Another option is to webcast an event, a product preview, an instructional session, or an office tour using Instagram Live stream. While there is a plethora of formats to choose from, it's also crucial to know what you're going to talk about in order to keep people interested.

Maintain Consistency with a Series that is Continuing

Maintain Consistency

People like continuity, especially in uncertain times. A constant live stream series that your fans are enthused about, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, will increase your chances of IG Live stream success. If you're a real estate marketer, for example, create a "New on the Market!" series to showcase some of your newest listings. You may also do a client story every week. Whatever series concept you have in mind, focusing on educational information that your audience members are interested in is usually the best option.

Prior to your Live Sessions, Advertise them

Advertise Live Sessions

You must explain your plan to your followers and leads in addition to having a strategy and a consistent series. Instagram Live stream campaigns should be advertised to your audience in the same way that other in-person events are, so they know when, where, what and why you're going live. You can ask people for the best time to go live on Instagram as well so that they feel a part of it

Promote your live event on your other social media channels and through emails, then target these promotions to the right people. For example, if a certain sector of leads would be most interested in your live event, send them an email campaign to pique their curiosity. Instagram reflects 4 times more engagement than facebook etc- so to make use of this opportunity, advertising is significant.

Participate in Discussions with your Audience

Participate in Discussions with your Audiencee

Another fantastic aspect of Instagram Live video is that guests may remark in real time! While this is beneficial to attendees, it may be stressful for speakers. The point is, you are not required to respond to every comment—of course—and you should do your best to stick to your strategy. However, you should use this as a chance to truly engage with your audience. Giving your consumers real-time attention will make them feel unique and connected to your company in turn becoming your follower- 50 percent of the users on Instagram follow atleast one or more business, whether it's a question that fits with the topic of your session or appreciating a lovely comment made. Another option is to have someone keep track of the comments and star the ones that the presenter should respond to. If you'd rather answer questions at the end of your live session, you may do a Q&A at the conclusion.

Finish with a Call-to-Action

Finish with a Call-to-Action

What's the best way to conclude an IG Live stream? Finish the Q&A session by thanking your co-host and saying "goodbye!" No way! Always finish your Live with a call to action that relates back to your pre-planned goals. It's vital to achieve your main aim and encourage your live attendees to do a desired action, whether it's something as easy as following your account or something more difficult like filling out a form.

When discussing your CTA, make sure it doesn't come off as overtly pushy, and that it's centered on a practical action that you can imagine attendees doing.

Remember to Record and Share your Instagram Live Video

Record and Share your Instagram Live Video

Last but not least, remember to save your session at the conclusion! This is a fantastic tip that many beginner live streamers are unaware of. Yes, we all despise watching ourselves on camera, but it's a fantastic opportunity to keep improving for future live sessions. If the session was a successful one, you'll be able to re-share it on your feed or on other social media platforms. Simply press "save" in the upper right corner to save your IG live video, and then post it on your story for 24 hours.

While life is full of uncertainty, especially nowadays, one thing is certain: Instagram Live stream is a powerful tool for bolstering your marketing efforts.

So get right in and feel free to share your experiences!