A Complete Guide To Instagram Marketing in 2021

Guide To Instagram Marketing

Are you keen to learn about Instagram marketing Strategy?

Where there are brands, there will be marketing, which is why social media is no more alien to it. Social media platforms such as IG help brands to increase their visibility through various IG marketing strategies.

In this blog, you will learn everything about marketing on IG but before we dive deeper let me give you a brief intro about what IG is. Instagram is a social media platform accessed by 500 million active users. It is the best platform for any brand to gain an audience and interact with them easily by various IG tools and features such as question stickers, polls, comment sections, direct messages, etc. Many creators buy permanent Instagram followers to build a dedicated audience on IG.

It allows one to one conversation between the brand and the customers which in turn strengthens their relationship. IG allows a user to post content in the form of videos and photos. It is an easy-to-use platform with the most engagement through its stories. With 60% of Instagram accounts visited daily by its users it makes it significant for brands or businesses to learn about IG marketing strategy.

What Is Instagram Marketing?

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is a subset of social media marketing and its motive is the same as any other conventional marketing strategy which is to build brand awareness and promote the products or services but with an exception of interacting with their audiences. 130 million users on Instagram engaging with shopping content proves that without a plan, one cannot ace being one of the best brands on IG with remarkable social listening skills and praiseworthy services. So, to know why and what practices you need to follow religiously to benefit your brands and your customers, keep scrolling!

Why Is It Beneficial To Market On Instagram?

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IG is all about visuals which includes photos and videos both. The world is no more dependent upon the printers to print the pamphlets for their products, rather, they choose user-friendly apps such as Canva to create visually appealing content for the audience. The work is much easier and economical and not at all time consuming which lets the brands have spare time to brainstorm some IG marketing ideas.

Following Are The 3 Benefits Of Marketing On Instagram:

1. Easy To Target And Interactive Audience At One Place

Easy To Target And Interactive Audience At One Place

This is one of the primary reasons to step your foot into the IG business world. As a brand, you can know the opinions and feedback from your customers just through one click or upload which once was impossible for any business to imagine. And also, it is easy to target the audience within your niche through hashtags that come under IG marketing strategy.

2. Free Instagram Marketing Tools

Free Instagram Marketing Tools

IG provides you with a free and easy-to-use insights option to check the performance of your posts and stories. Moreover, they are specified and focus on every aspect of a post as well as provide information such as gender percentage on your account, location of the followers, etc. which makes it easier for a brand to see the outcome of any of their IG marketing strategies.

3. Find Influencers And Competitors At One Place

Influencers And Competitors At One Place

To reach wider audiences, it is best to opt for promotion through influencers who are just a click away and already have established good reach and followers. People trust products promoted by their trusted influencers and with their help, you can gain trust easily too!

Competition isn’t a threat but an opportunity to do better. Keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing on IG may help you get better IG marketing ideas to overcome the competition.

How To Do Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing?

Before starting with anything, make sure you have a professional account on IG and if it is not, then you can convert your account into a professional one by scrolling till the end in the “account” option after tapping on the “settings” bar, where you will see the options either to switch your account type into a professional one or to create a separate business or creator account.

There Are Two Ways To Market On Instagram-

  1. Paid activities like influencer marketing and advertising
  2. Unpaid activities such as engaging with the users’ content and creating content such as stories, videos, posts, etc.

Let’s Talk About Paid Instagram Marketing Activities First-

i. Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

One of the best ways to promote your content and reach wider audiences is through promotion. These promotions are easy to set up, with a number of choices for the amount you wish to spend.

ii. Influencer Marketing

Well, there are very few influencers who promote your product or service for free. Initially, you may include them in your marketing plan, but someday or the other, you will have to pay for spreading the word via influencers. But I must tell you if you have enough funds, then they can take your marketing results to another level.

To make influencers promote your content, you can contact them via direct message or through email. But make sure you follow them and engage with their content.

Unpaid Instagram Marketing Activities

i. Creating Content

Creating Content

If you are on Instagram, then it is obvious you will post content on your feed but when and what type of content should be posted comes under your IG marketing plan. As a brand you should focus less on self-promotion and more on what your audience wants to see on your feed, so make sure you are keeping an eye on your account’s insights just to know which content your audience is engaging the most with. Also, keep in mind to post at the right time which is favourable to your account according to the insights. The best days to post on Instagram are Mondays and Thursdays whereas Wednesdays and Sundays are the worst ones to post. So, take note of these small things too as they can make a big difference for you in the longer run.

In the hustle of creating your best feed aesthetic, do not forget IG stories as they can generate leads to your account. Instagram stories are live for only 24 hours and are the most powerful marketing tool you have because it is even easier to create stories than posts.

ii. Engaging With Users’ Content

Engaging With Users’ Content

The strategy to like and comment on those users’ posts who make content regarding your product or review your brand, is practiced by most brands to build trust and good relationships with the audiences. This practice also helps in bringing new customers for your brand because remember, it’s not just you who monitors the outer world but your customers do too!

Above mentioned tactics will surely boost your engagement , and even if you are just starting, do not fear, above mentioned points make the IG marketing guide to increase followers from 0-10k as when your brand will get the right exposure it will gain the right followers too.

Few Bonus Tips To Grow Your Brand!

  • Host Giveaways
  • Write engaging captions
  • Give Shoutouts
  • Write a creative bio
  • Tag people on your post


Instagram has been a blessing in the times of the recent coronavirus crisis but that does not make it any less prone to change. IG marketing strategy keeps evolving, so what worked for you last month may not bring success to your brand forever and the strategy you applied months ago may come into trend again.

So, the moral of the story is, keep an eye on the deviations occurring in your insights, keep applying new tactics, be honest with your audience, and for valuable information, keep reading our blogs.

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