How To Plan A Product Launch On Instagram In 2021

How To Plan A Product Launch On Instagram

Are you a brand on social media? Then you must have launched and will be launching new products in the market, right?

Also, as we know, every year comes with a new budget. Same way, every year comes with new tricks and tips on how to plan a product launch on Instagram too!

Social media indeed is a fascinating and profitable place for a brand to get exposure, especially when it comes to Instagram. Every month, more than 130 million users engage with shopping-related posts which shows there’s a lot of scopes for your product to get noticed, but it won’t happen to you without a strategically implemented plan.

To boost their reach, many brands buy real Instagram followers to attract followers who are interested in the content which brands create.

The wider the community, the more are the chances of you being lost in the traffic. So, to stand out from the crowd there are few tips you need to follow for your pre-launch IG posts to perform remarkably.

But, before that, let’s get into the planning part one.

Tips To Plan A Product Launch On Instagram

1. Set A Goal

 Set A Goal

Well, without a goal, you can never build your direction. So, the first step is determining the goal of your launch. What are you trying to achieve through your launch? Ask yourself, is it for awareness or is it for targeting a specific audience or is it to increase your sales? Defining your success will help you and your team to align together towards a goal with a similar set of objectives.

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2. Build A Timeline

Build A Timeline

Setting a timeline is crucial for everything to be done on time so that nothing lags behind on the day of the launch. If your deadline is too tight, try to get a few things done months before the launch, do not let things wait for the deadline.

Consider the deadline for your pre-launch and determine the time between the pre-launch and the main launch. Also, set a timeline for your campaign based upon your goal. Basically, break your timeline into separate sections as it will make things easier for you to evaluate.

3. Plan To Utilize Instagram Features

 Plan To Utilize Instagram Features

Well, with plenty of features like IG stories and reels to help you in your product launch. And to have a successful launch, you need to know how to make the best use of Instagram’s features. By uploading a product launch Instagram story, you can generate a good number of sales as half of the people on Instagram have made purchases after viewing the products on stories.

IG features are best to persuade the audience on buying your product and help your brand generate a positive response on your launch.

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4. Plan To Organize Creative Campaigns

Every brand creates a campaign, but what will make your campaign stand out will be its creative aspects. It should be appealing to eyes and persuading enough to let the audience visit your profile. Start planning on what difference you can make in the audience’s life through your campaign.

An example of a unique campaign is from Warby Parker. The brand deals in sunglasses, glasses and contact lenses. They came up with a creative idea which was to click pictures of dogs with their glasses on.

Get the objective of your campaign straight and start working on how unique you can make it.

5. Build An Influencer Marketing Strategy

Build An Influencer Marketing Strategy

Your campaign and your product can get a really good hype if you come up with an influencer marketing strategy. People on IG trust influencers and if you promote your product through them, it will be a win-win for you. Influencers tagging your pre-launch Instagram posts on their stories will help you reach the influencer’s audience.

Make sure you do good research on genuine influencers as well so that they can help you better, based on your budget.

6. Schedule Your Content

 Schedule Your Content

Now, after deciding on the above-mentioned points, you need to create posts and schedule them as per your timeline. According to your insights, you can decide which time and day will be best for your content to get maximum exposure so that you can schedule them accordingly in your content calendar. 

Although, the best time to post on Instagram (Source-) except for the weekend is 11 AM (Central Time).

Few Tips For Pre And Post Product Launch

1. Use Hashtag

Use Hashtags

Create a hashtag for your product launch and use it every time and everywhere you upload some content, be it a post or a Reel or an Instagram story. This will help your campaign for the product get an identity of its own. Ask influencers and users who are making content for your brand to mention in their caption that particular hashtag you created.

2. Use Instagram Shopping Feature

Use Instagram Shopping Feature

To make the purchase easier for the customers, use Instagram’s shopping feature and optimize your profile to increase sales.

3. Include CTA In Your Product Launch Caption

Include CTA In Your Product Launch Caption

Call to action will stimulate the audience to click on a particular website you mentioned or to avail of your services and caption is the best place to include a call to action such as “limited time offer” or “offer valid until midnight”, as it will persuade the customers to act and make a purchase.

The CTA should represent some benefits for the audience as well, or else, why would they do as you say?

4. Post User Generated Content

Post User Generated Content

Fortunately, when your campaign is a success, there will be a lot of conversation going on in the platform and many users will be sharing reviews about your product. So, during these times, practice social listening and social monitoring to know what people are saying and posting about your new launch and re-share the content created by users so that they feel heard. But, remember to ask users before re-posting the content created by them

5. Be Consistent

Be Consistent

Keep a check on your content calendar. Make sure that your feed is filled with new content every day. When you have pre-launch your product, do not let your feed go even one day without a post. Post daily and according to your content calendar and consistently keep creating relevant posts.

6. Go Live

Go Live

It is a great way to connect with your audience through IG Live . It builds the trust and authenticity of your brand. Moreover, you can answer the awaited questions of your audience and answering them directly will make them feel that they are a part of your community.

Instagram Product Launch Example (Case Study)

A brand named KALAKAAR launched a mini speaker which is unique in itself and it also includes one important aspect in the caption, which is, call to action. Also, the colour combination used by the brand is pleasing to the eyes.


Image Source- Instagram

To Sum Up

Now you see, launching a product on IG requires a full-fledged plan to make your product a success in the market. Marketing no doubt plays a vital role on social media platforms as well, it’s no more an offline game now.

So, make sure you include all the above-mentioned tips and tricks in your blueprint. But in the race of making everything work out, do not forget to analyse and evaluate your performance at every step and also as a whole, in the end.

So, if you are planning to launch a new product or have pre-launched a product, do not delay if you haven’t added the above-mentioned points in your product launch plan.

Hope this blog helped you in discovering the answers you were looking for!