How to Create High-Quality Instagram Content

How to create high quality Instagram content

We all want to give our best on Instagram to yield the best results in return. And before doing so you should know the significance of creating quality content for which the simple answer is that neither IG nor its users support bad quality content. First, you need to build a content strategy that includes planning, writing engaging captions, editing, using templates, etc. which are explained further in this blog. The content strategy will help you get discovered on the explore page.

Your work doesn’t end here. The main battle is to brainstorm the content ideas because I do not think you would like your audience losing interest in your posts because of the repetition. Do not worry, if at this moment you are not able to catch ideas, we have got you covered. Scrolling down you will find a few ideas for both creators and brands to start working on!

As an Instagram content creator or a brand, in order to create high-quality posts, you need to plan a strategy and surf for ideas to stand out in the competition.

Why is it Important to Create High-Quality Content?

Instagram high quality content importance

Although there are numerous ways to grow on Instagram such as to buy Instagram followers, unless your work isn’t attracting enough for the audience to scroll down your feed, there’s no way you are going to attract people to your Instagram handle and widen your community.

People have been complaining about the change in the Instagram algorithm and have been searching for the right strategy to hit the desired amount of audience. But the truth is, creating quality posts with consistency is the key to crack the IG algorithm. Gone are the days when reaching a larger audience with blurry images was possible.

No matter what format you choose, whether it is a post, a reel or an IGTV, you need to put some value in it without compromising its quality. Other brands would love to collaborate with you if they find your handle to be attractive which showcases a complete portfolio of your skills.

And guess what? You can monetize your Instagram handle just with a few hundred followers as long as your focus is on the quality of your work. And if you have this misconception that other accounts are in the spotlight and the algorithm is ignoring your posts, then you are wrong because it was confirmed in a series of stories (FAQ Highlight) by IG that all types of accounts are treated equally

So, creating high-quality posts requires a full-fledged strategy because it is not going to happen overnight and when you will be done with the strategy, you will need to be consistent with it and also with implementing another one. Do not feel loaded, rather, take one step at a time and gradually you will reach your goal with grace!

How to Create an Instagram Content Strategy for Both Business and Creators?

1. Plan Your Work

 Instagram content plan

How do you determine what type of content you should be posting on your handle? No matter if you are an Instagram content creator or a brand, you need to analyse two things; one is your niche and the other is your audience.

Ask yourself what your audience would like to see in your niche and how can you make it visually appealing to them? Also, why they should be consuming your uploads more than that of your competitors.

If you do not want your videos/photos to be side-tracked by the platform’s algorithm, then stick to your niche, always and forever! No deviations would be entertained by Instagram.

If you are a fashion blogger, then you should upload stuff related to fashion such as a few facts about the industry, bring new styles in trend, you can also tell them where to find affordable wearable, etc. Also, rather than creating posts on a daily basis, you can create content in bulk in a day and then you can plan on which day you will be posting what.

2. Write Engaging Captions

You can prepare the captions for each post together rather than writing daily as this will save your time. Captions are an important tool to make your audience engage with your posts. Engaging captions with a call to action helps in receiving better engagement, thus helping your posts reach more people and end up being discovered on the explore page.

Captions explain the content you posted so make sure that it is relevant. Also, I would like you to know that longer captions lead to higher engagement as compared to the shorter ones, so, consider writing longer captions to create quality IG posts.


Image source

The caption in the above image is quite long and engaging as it contains CTA. If you are a brand, consider writing such detailed and well-structured caption reading which your viewers do not get bored with.

3. Shoot the Content or Use Templates

 Instagram templates

You would definitely need a camera if you are planning to shoot the stuff for your account. Do not worry about investing in an expensive camera because you wouldn’t need to when you will learn to shoot with different angles. Click a bunch of photos so that you can use them in your stories or highlights without the repetition of images and your viewers will also get something new to look at.


Image source

You can notice how angles have played a significant role in the above image.

Now, if you want to make an announcement, launch a new product or share a new recipe, you do not need to look for a designer to create content for the same. Thanks to the designing apps like Canva, through which, you can create templates on your own with a few simple steps.

4. Edit your Content

 How to edit Instagram content

Well, how will you reach Instagram’s aesthetic bar if you won’t edit your posts? All of the most famous profiles, be it of a creator or a brand, have aesthetic feeds that they don’t mess with. Viewers do not have much time; they make their minds in a few seconds whether to stay on an IG handle or leave.

One of the best and most popular editing tools with more than 200 million Instagram posts is VSCO. It is available for both IOS and Android users. This app will edit your photos in such a way that they will seem to be captured on film. You can also try Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor to create photos of the best quality.

5. Now it’s Time to Post

 Instagram content ideas

After being done with the editing part, the next step is to upload a post on the platform. Make sure you check your insights before posting randomly. See at what time your viewers are the most active and post at that time. Also, number your posts; which post will come after which one so you can be sure that the theme of your page is maintained.

The best time to post on Instagram from Monday to Friday is 11 AM (Central Time).

Three Instagram Content Ideas 2021

Instagram content ideas 2021

(A) Content Ideas for Creators

1. Show a Tutorial

Okay so if you are a creator under the food niche, you can teach people how to make a particular dish. This will help them find value in your posts and will always consider your account for food-related searches.

2. Behind the Scenes

As much as people love to see your edited content- reels, IGTV videos, stories, carousels, etc., they would never say no behind the scenes because they can be fun to watch or can inspire people by witnessing the struggle you go through while making a single post.

3. Go With a Trend

 Instagram trendy content

There’s no day when you do not see posts on an ongoing trend on the platform. See if you can blend with it and make it unique so that your followers do not get bored by watching the same kind of posts everywhere.

(B) Content Ideas for Business

1. Show People Your Location

Your followers will always be interested in seeing your workplace. This helps in building their trust in your brand and it gives you an idea for more posts. If someday people may come to visit you, they should at least know what your entrance looks like, so they do not get confused or lost.

2. Post-Shoppable Content

Instagram shoppable content

Posting content with price tags is one of the best business strategies. The tags will lead customers directly to your stores and will help you in increasing sales. The simpler you will make the buying experience for the audience, the more traffic you will be able to generate to your website or store.

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3. User-Generated Content

As a brand, you must consider posting user-generated content. This makes your customer feel heard and valued. But, remember to ask them before re-posting the videos made by them. You will never have a shortage of posts considering user-generated content. Also, make sure that the content is of good quality because as a brand, you cannot compromise with the quality of your feed.

To Sum Up

Instagram high quality content ideas

So, these are the five steps to accomplish the goal of creating quality content. You can also consider hashtags to get an idea of high-quality content on the podium. You can see what aesthetic uploads your competitors are posting and get an idea of what you can do to make better posts.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to create the best content strategy and ace your game!

Hope you found this blog informative.